Blue Tick Updates: 2023

What is the Blue Tick?

In the world of social media, one thing has always distinguished legitimate accounts for celebrity’s, businesses and influential people: the Blue Tick. The blue verification tick has been around for a while acting as a signal to users that the account wearing the tick has been verified as real. Fans love to create accounts pretending to be their favourite celebrities and without the Blue Tick, it would be difficult to know which account is the ‘real’ Miley Cyrus, for example.

How has the Blue Tick changed?

The blue tick has become a universally recognised symbol of status and authenticity across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (and even Tinder!). Originally introduced to distinguish public figures, celebrities, and notable brands from impersonators, the blue tick signifies that an account is really who they say they are. It enhances an individual’s or brand’s credibility, making it easier for followers and users to identify legitimate accounts in the vast sea of social media profiles.

Changes made to the Blue Tick in 2023

How do you get a Blue Tick?

Prior to purchasing options, Blue Tick verification has always been notoriously tricky and in many ways mysterious. Many creators have been known to try for years to gain a Blue Tick, only to be rejected by social media platforms like instagram with no obvious reasons why.

The Emergence of Blue Tick Purchasing

With the rising demand for verification from brands and influencers unable to pass the verification process, the idea of purchasing Blue Ticks has gained attention. This development generally has a negative opinion among users, with some considering it a shortcut to fame, while others viewing it as a threat to the integrity of the verification process and the credibility of the Blue Tick.

Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter began Blue Tick purchasing when Elon Musk launched a ‘pay monthly scheme’ Called “Twitter Blue”. Twitter Blue’s launch in November 2022 didn’t go to plan, with subscribers abusing the paid verification service to pay for the Blue Tick and use It to impersonate the accounts of various companies and celebrities (though this did create some amusing screenshots).

Twitter then made the decision to pause the Blue service and relaunched it in December with stricter  impersonation measures in place.

Elon Musk: Twitter CEO and Owner

Meta verified

Following the announcement from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram owner Meta, released a blog stating the introduction of a scheme for their platforms called ‘Meta verified’. They describe this as “a subscription bundle on Instagram and Facebook that includes a verified badge that authenticates your account with government ID, proactive account protection, access to account support, and increased visibility and reach”.

This new scheme will allow users to purchase a Blue Tick rather than go through the previous rigorous verification process. As of June 7th Meta Verified is available in the following countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • India

Meta also state that Meta Verified will also soon be available in Brazil.

Will this mean that I lose my Blue Tick?

If you already have a Blue Tick for any of the platforms and gained this before/without the subscription services: don’t panic. Meta have confirmed that no changes will be made to accounts that are already verified with a Blue Tick.

Can anyone buy a Blue Tick now for Instagram?

Yes and no. Meta Verified does allow any account to apply to their subscription service, however there are some requirements that must be met. These requirements include:

  • Authentic: The account must be a real person, registered business or entity. Meta wont verify interest accounts (e.g. @lolmemes).
  • Unique: Only one account per person or business.
  • Complete: Your account has to be public and have a bio, profile photo and have a post.
  • Notable: This is more mysterious, the account has to be “highly searched for” and “well known”.

What are the potential benefits of the new schemes?

Some supporters love the new programmes and argue that Blue Tick purchases give a more accessible path to verification, particularly for emerging influencers and lesser-known persons or brands who may not fit the previous standards.

They argue that this revolution has the potential to democratise the verification process and provide people who deserve recognition and credibility a fair opportunity.

What are the potential issues with the new schemes?

One concern people may have is that some people might take advantage of this scheme and purchase a blue tick with the purpose of impersonating a celebrity’s or brand, Meta have reassured these worries by claiming that that subscriptions will also “include proactive monitoring for account impersonation”.

Other critics contend that the Blue Tick’s original intent is compromised by the availability of the tick for purchase. The Blue Tick’s rarity and the difficulty in obtaining it were two of the main factors that caused users to respect it. People are saying that the absence of the strict verification process now makes it possible for those with money to purchase their way into legitimacy, which could result in a rise in fake influencers or phoney accounts.

Additionally, there are worries that this move could make it easier for imposters to abuse the authentication mechanism. With the option to buy verification, there is a chance of impersonation, spreading of false information, or a harder time telling real accounts from fake ones.

Our Thoughts…

The development of Blue Tick buying has surely sparked debate and brought up significant issues regarding the reliability of verification processes on social media sites. It is unclear how the balance between accessibility and authenticity will be maintained as these platforms continue to develop. In the end, it’s critical for social media platforms to find a fine balance between maintaining the legitimacy of verification and making sure that real users seeking real accounts are able to find them.

At Zodiac Global, we will continue to monitor all the latest updates in order to keep you informed. If you are one of our represented brands or creators and have any questions or concerns related to the changes in Blue Ticks, remember you can always reach out to us.

Reach out to Zodiac Global here to find out how we can help you align your brand with the stars. Or, if you’re an influencer, contact us for talent management services.

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