5 Benefits of Macro and Micro Influencer Marketing: What’s Effective for Your Brand?

Influencer Marketing

If you want to increase the reach of your marketing initiatives, try using the power of influencers. That’s correct – when it comes to spreading the word about your product or service, influencer marketing is THE way to go. However, as the sector grows and changes, it is developing its own language! We’re here to help you understand some of the jargon so your brand knows precisely what you’re doing when it comes to influencer marketing.

When you hear the term “influencer marketing,” your first thought may be of “macro influencers” like celebrities or viral celebrities on social media with millions of followers like Kylie Jenner, Molly Mae , and Selena Gomez. While this form of influencer marketing definitely has its place, especially in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries, it’s also possible to reach potential customers with the help of smaller,  “micro influencers”.

At Zodiac Global, we’re here to connect brands and creators and part of this is determining which type of influencers are most appropriate for that brand. So, we have a pretty good understanding of this kinda thing and will now break it down for you.

Micro VS Marco Influencers

What are Micro Influencers?

Micro influencers are ordinary people who have less followers than well-known influencers – often 10,000 or fewer followers – however the exact definition is still being contested among marketers. Micro influencers may be identified by their social media following, and they may have a specialised audience or specialise in particular themes such as cuisine, travel, health, or fashion. They also have a strong network and dedicated fan base.

People that follow them do so because of what they share and who they are, not because of their celebrity or association with a company. In the internet economy, micro influencers have a high level of reputation and authenticity.

5 Benefits of Working with Micro Influencers

Because of their smaller audiences, niche reach, solid network, and connection to their followers, micro influencers may be a valuable addition to any marketer or brand’s arsenal. The following are some of the advantages of working with micro influencers:

  1. Targeted Reach: Micro influencers often have a smaller, more narrowly targeted audience, making their efforts more successful in reaching potential clients. Because micro influencers’ followers are more likely to be comparable to the brand’s target demographic, the messages of campaigns and postings are more likely to be heard.
  2. Cost effective: Micro influencer initiatives are typically significantly less expensive than celebrity marketing. They are also more inclined to charge for a sponsored article or collaborative effort. Unlike superstars, who sometimes charge exorbitant rates, micro influencers are typically ready to work for a lower cost.
  3. Increased Participation: Micro influencers often have better engagement with their followers than celebrities, which means that their followers are more likely to respond to their postings by commenting, like, or sharing. Higher engagement implies more interaction and better brand exposure among followers.
  4. Authenticity and trustworthiness: Because micro influencers lack the enormous names and vast followings of celebrities, they tend to be more genuine when discussing products or services. Because their fans can trust their perspectives, their postings and efforts look more trustworthy.
  5. Reach in a Specific Market: Micro influencers tend to specialised in specific areas, such as fashion, travel, or gastronomy. Because of the content and reach of micro influencers, marketers may target audiences with very specific interests. Micro influencers, as opposed to bigger influencers, may provide a much more concentrated message and appeal to a specific demographic.

 When you work with micro influencers, you should also make sure that your expectations are clearly defined and communicated. You should also consider using an influencer marketing agency like Zodiac Global, which can help connect you with the right influencers for your brand and manage any campaigns.  So, we think that micro influencers are a great way to reach potential customers in a cost-effective way. Micro influencers have smaller, targeted audiences and higher engagement than celebrities, as well as more authenticity. Brands should consider working with micro influencers as part of their overall influencer marketing strategy. With the right approach, micro influencers can be an invaluable part of any marketing plan. 

What are Macro Influencers?

Macro-Influencers are the polar opposite of Micro-Influencers, who have a relatively modest yet dedicated fan base. Macro-Influecners are those with a sizable online following, typically numbering between 50,000 and 500,000 across all of their social media channels (but can be much, much larger). They have considerable social sway and are often seen as authorities in their field or sector of pop culture.

Marketers who are aiming for wide exposure might benefit from using macro influencers. These influencers can reach more people with a single post or message than most celebrities can. They generally have a large and dedicated fan base and may lend their authority to the brand’s message. In addition, they have a large number of engaged users who frequently comment and share their posts.

5 Benefits of Working with Micro Influencers​

  1. Wider Reach: Macro influencers have a larger reach than micro influencers, so when a brand works with a macro influencer, they have the potential to reach millions of potential customers in a cost-effective way. This kind of reach can be extremely beneficial for brands attempting to build brand recognition and increase their visibility in their niche
  2.  Increased Credibility: Macros influencers have a built-in level of credibility thanks to their standing among followers, so when a macro influencer posts about a brand, product, or service, their followers are more likely to trust that information coming from them. This makes any sort of marketing campaigns associated with macro influencers more credible and valid.
  3. High Engagement: Followers of macro influencers have a much higher engagement rate with them than other influencers. This means that when a brand works with a macro influencer and they post about that brand, product or service, their followers are more likely to share, like, or comment on it, ultimately leading to increased visibility for the brand.
  4. Social Proof: Working with macro influencers can help to establish a brand as an authority in their respective field. A brand’s followers and potential customers will trust any information that comes from a macro influencer they follow, which leads to increased conversions, sales, and awareness.
  5. Niche Targeting: Even though macro influencers may have wide reach, they usually specialize in a certain area or niche. By selecting the right macro influencer for a brand, marketers can ensure they are targeting their message and campaigns for a very specific, targeted audience, maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Ultimately, selecting the ideal influencer for your marketing strategy will be determined by your objectives and target demographic. If you want to reach a large number of people quickly, macro influencers may be your best choice. Micro influencers, on the other hand, may be a better alternative if you want a more personal touch and want to target a very specialised market. In any scenario, investing in an influencer who is already popular with your target demographic and who honestly shares your message is critical to success. You’ll be able to efficiently expand your brand’s reach and get your word out to more individuals this way.

Reach out to Zodiac Global here to find out how we can help you align your brand with the stars. Or, if you’re an influencer, contact us for talent management services.

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